Vitality collection

To boost their extraordinary energetic powers, hummingbirds only eat what they need. Epigeneva has identified the majority of flowers and trees from which they feed. After extensive meticulous research, the creative team has chosen the unique botanical extracts approved for use in cosmetic ingredients from among these elements. These choice constituents offer essential and exceptional properties for the skin. Enhanced by science, they are then added in precise doses to each Epigeneva formula.

Regeneration collection

To maintain its regenerative abilities, the salamander has a biochemical secret extraordinary hidden in its cells and stimulated by its diet, rich in proteins. This secret also plays a role in our cutaneous physiology, especially during the aging process. It was brought to light by the research team Epigeneva, thanks to a stimulating cosmetic complex offering properties exceptional for the skin. Magnified by science, it is incorporated with precision into each Epigeneva formula.