The epigenetic lifestyle


Much more than a science, epigenetics is a lifestyle, a philosophy and an initiation to viewing those around us in a new light. When the urban jungle becomes hostile, and days are filled with deafening noise and hectic schedules, Epigeneva offers a brief getaway and moment of utter serenity to escape the hustle and bustle.

The 25th hour

If a hectic urban lifestyle and environment is an integral part of your daily life, the brand offers a peaceful 25th hour for those who are looking to break with the daily grind without leaving the excitement of the city. The need for rituals and serene moments becomes increasingly vital. The desire to freeze time and space to exalt our senses with no compromises and no constraints. Special moments that help make us who we are and become more accepting of both our qualities and imperfections.

Welcome to a world in which inner beauty and nature come together to create a true state of mind.

Nature’s heroes