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Alexandre R. Rio



Alexandre R. Rio, creator of the brand Epigeneva is a biologist and cosmetic chemist. After extensive studies in molecular genetics, he built a career in the cosmetics industry.

He worked for several years developing innovative and effective molecules to be used in skincare products for major international cosmetic brands, in close collaboration with the main players from the beauty care sector.

Thanks to his experience and in-depth knowledge of cosmetics, he is recognized as a specialist by his peers and has traveled throughout Asia, more particularly Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai, to analyze and better understand the Asian market.

He lived in New York for seven years, where he helped large corporations develop skincare and beauty products for the American market, before moving to Switzerland a few years ago and founding the Epigeneva brand.

About nature

Nature is my muse. It is relaxing and extremely interesting to watch. This begins with animals and their behavior. When we take the time to observe and examine them more in-depth, we see that they are quite amazing. In my opinion, animals represent an ultimate truth and we should learn from them. Each day, a number of fauna and flora species become extinct. So, whenever possible, I try to help protect these complex beauties to preserve our nature, our origins and our future.

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Freedom and beauty, two promises that our skincare and rituals offer women daily. Thanks to Epigeneva, beauty becomes a gift that we give ourselves today for tomorrow. The source of this beauty lies deep within our beating hearts.  Although our products are exquisite and effective, they only work when combined with the beaming smile that we share with others. As women, your ambitions and concerns may vary.  However, ours do not.  They are and always will be to enhance your beauty with only the very best products and rituals.