At Epigeneva, we believe that a woman who sees herself as strong is a beautiful woman. Confident, powerful and feminine, she is the most beautiful version of herself. We have developed specific application methods and new cosmetic routines that lead women to view themselves differently in a mirror. When confidence becomes beauty, self-assurance is your ultimate ally for confronting life, its challenges and embracing everything it has to offer.

From awaking to beauty enhancement

The Epigeneva “from awaking to beauty enhancement” routine incorporates all the phases necessary to prepare the skin for exposure to the external environment. Combining gentle action with invigorating effects and alternating between different textures and application methods, the brand’s ritual is similar to a beauty stimulating routine that protects and tones the skin.

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Les héros de la nature

Drawing inspiration from nature’s heroes, gifted with extraordinary capacities, and their diets, Epigeneva has extracted only the finest elements from plants and minerals, which are then combined with the latest cutting-edge scientific advances to develop fully unique and high-performance formulas.

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