Eclosion primitive 150 ml

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Regenerating serum-activating lotion serum Protective – Global anti-aging

Inspired by heroes of nature, Epigeneva® borrows the very best of a Salamander’s extraordinary capacities and diet to provide skin with the multifunctional REGENERATION complexTM: PerkiolTM, a biopeptide purified through plant engineering techniques reprograms the skin’s vital breathing + provitamin B5 gradually postpones the skin’s aging process + pea extract protects “source” cells, allowing you to make peace with your skin.

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Epigeneva defies life’s destiny by balancing your beauty.

Hexamiryl™ is found at the heart of each formula, reminding your skin that it has the resources needed to no longer endure its past, change its present and improve its future. Created using protein engineering techniques, it stimulates elementary molecules, small beauty switches that activate the skin’s available youth sources.

Day after day, Epigeneva invites your skin to bask in happiness and express positive emotions to convey beauty in a new way.

Awakening the senses
Vitality & Intimacy
The signature Epigeneva fragrance will win you over with its majestically subtle greengage plum scent. Springtime effusion of greenery. Powdery heart of an heirloom rose. Russet fragrance of woody undergrowth.
The milky, ultra-fluid and smooth lotion texture was formulated with carrageenan and marsh mallow root extract with rich and velvety smooth properties. Reassured by renewed vitality, your doubts will vanish into thin air.

Beauty advantage : Iris isoflavones repair signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin’s surface.

Effectiveness : Eclosion primitive® moisturizes and stimulates the skin’s biomechanics properties to enhance your beauty.

Ritual : In the morning, place 5 drops of product into your palm and rub hands together. Apply to thoroughly cleansed face and massage into skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Epigeneva tip: Use Eclosion primitive® in the evening to care for your décolleté, shoulders and neck, establishing your well-balanced presence in the world.

Formulated without parabens or silicones. Contains 81% natural ingredients. Tolerance tested under dermatological control.

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