Cocon métamorphique

229.00 CHF

Skin perfecting refreshing gel-mask – Regenerating – Global anti-aging

Epigeneva borrows the very best of a Salamander’s extraordinary capacities and diet to provide skin with the multifunctional REGENERATION complex™: Perkiol™, a biopeptide purified through plant engineering techniques reprograms the skin’s vital breathing + vitamin B3 gradually postpones the skin’s aging process + pea extract protects “source” cells, allowing you to make peace with your skin.



Epigeneva dément le destin de la vie en harmonisant votre beauté.

EPIGENEVA® defies life’s destiny by balancing your beauty. Hexamiryl™ is found at the heart of each formula, reminding your skin that it has the resources needed to no longer endure its past, change its present and improve its future. Created using protein engineering techniques, it stimulates elementary molecules, small beauty switches that activate the skin’s available youth sources.

Day after day, Epigeneva® invites your skin to bask in happiness and express positive emotions to convey beauty in a new way.

Awakening the senses

Delight & Vitality

The signature EPIGENEVA® fragrance will win you over with its majestically subtle greengage plum scent. Springtime effusion of greenery. Subtlety of a powdery rose. Russet fragrance of sandalwood. Amber warmth of myrrh. Its nourishing velvety balm night mask texture provides a fresh revitalizing effect. It has been formulated with a dual action polysaccharide providing comfort and pleasure while spreading. A plant-based emollient brings an essential softness to initiate your relaxation. Your emotions calm down during your delicious night to revive visible beauty at dawn.

Beauty advantage : A bioavailable tetrapetide will improve the cohesion of the skin barrier and stimulate the crystal protein to purify it.

Effectiveness : Cocon métamorphique® hydrates and provides clarity and uniformity of the complexion. The skin recovers faster, it is soft and fresh. Your visible beauty allows you to go through all seasons.

Ritual : Two or three times per week, on clean skin, after washing your hands, apply evenly in a thin layer instead of daily skincare and leave on overnight after complete absorption. EPIGENEVA® tip: As an SOS Mask, apply to the face and neck in a thick layer and leave to act for 10 minutes. Penetrate the excess then prepare your face with the serum activator, Eclosion primitive® to strengthen the youthful interfaces of your skin.

Formulated without parabens or silicones. Contains 95% natural ingredients. Tolerance tested under dermatological control.